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I know it’s legal for me to move out at 16 without consent, but could my parents make me stay?

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I am safe at my house with my family but I want to move out. My mom says she could take me to court if I tried to move out on my own. Is this true?

Thank you for contacting us with your question. It seems like you are going through a hard time. It can be difficult when we feel like our loved ones don’t get or understand us. There has been times when I felt like no one in my family understood me or who I was. Many times I have thought about moving out myself because I knew I was responsible enough to do so.

The main concerns are how you will be able to provide for yourself and how safe will you be own your own. It is very important that you plan ahead and if possible, it may be helpful to talk to someone who you trust about moving out.

You may find this Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta website helpful as you move forward. According to their FAQ, it is not illegal to leave home before 18 or even 16. You will not be fined or punished for leaving home before a certain age. What happens will depend on the situation. You can also contact the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate Alberta to discuss your situation, ask questions and possibly be connected with an advocate or lawyer. Learn more.

I’m glad that you have decided to contact us before making such a hard decision. Sometimes when people are feeling stressed out or in a tough situation they may have thoughts of suicide or self harm, and that’s totally normal. If you are having such thoughts or just want to talk, we are here for you, please do not hesitate to contact us via text, online chat or phone.

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