Author: Plusle

When I’m at school it seems to me that people’s goals aren’t about grades, education, or getting better reading skills. What people are occupied with is who the cutest girl/boy is, how to get their attention and how to get them to fall in love with you.

It’s not like school is a place for learning, right? It’s just a convenient location where people your age are gathered together so that you can pair off. All the homework and classes are there to fill in time.

From my understanding school was there to help you become better intellectually, but it seems as if people’s goals are to make themselves better by finding a partner. I’ve also noticed that if you don’t have a certain someone, you are scrutinized by others, as if there is something wrong with you for not being in a relationship.

I promise you- there is nothing wrong with you.

Relationships can be great. They can be very fulfilling and fun, but you shouldn’t be teased for not being in one. You are enough, being single should not be some label that comes with disgust. Being single is completely normal, you are allowed to be single and happy!

Appreciating who you are as an individual is so important to your own growth and well-being and finding a partner should not be more of a priority than taking care of yourself.

School is for learning, it’s not a singles mixer. Don’t get me wrong, if you are ready for a relationship then go for it but don’t bring others down for not wanting the same thing as you. Respect their choices and respect them as a person.

Prioritize yourself and utilize the skills and knowledge that you are being taught in school because your partner will can’t do that for you.

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