I tried texting the ConnecTeen number but it says it failed to send

Hi there,

That ‘failed to send’ error message is always super annoying. Thank you for trying to text us! To be honest, we don’t know exactly why that error message is coming up but there could be tons of reasons why. For example, it might be due to not having an internet connection, or the mobile towers for your phone provider might be down. Another thing to possibly check is the type of phone plan you have and if there is a limit to how many text messages you can send in a month.

We do also have two numbers. Our texting number is 587.333.2724 and our phone number to call is 403.264.8336. We would love to connect and see how we can best support you! Another way to chat with us is if you go to our website and try the chat feature. You will know when we are online when the chat button is green.

Sorry about the trouble! We do hope this second time around will work!


Take care,