I’m getting bullied so bad that I’m starting to feel like nobody cares about me. What should I do?

It’s extremely hard to deal with bullying everyday, especially when you’re stuck in that environment. It is absolutely wrong for kids to be bullying you, especially since they are telling you to kill yourself and encouraging suicide. This is not okay, and no one deserves to be bullied!

When we think of bullying we often think of physical violence, but bullying can take many forms such as verbal abuse, exclusion and cyber bullying, and so much more. In any shape or form, bullying is never okay, and they do not have the right to tell you to tell you to kill yourself. People use verbal abuse solely hurt you and cause pain, and because of this, what the bullies are telling you does not reflect who you are or your value as a person.

It’s scary and lonely to deal with bullying, and although it can feel like nobody cares about you, the people in your life can be a good first step to tackling bullying. Have you talked to a school counselor, teacher or your parents? This can be a really scary thing to do for a couple of reasons: 1) Sometimes there is fear that if you tell an adult that the bullying may get worse and 2) sometimes the adult you tell may not do enough to stop the bullying. It’s important to remember that if the first adult you tell isn’t able to help you, that doesn’t mean that no adult will help you. Find another person to tell until someone is able to step in and have your back. Unfortunately, bullying will rarely stop on its own, but you do not need to deal with bullying alone.

Bullying can affect our mental health and self confidence extremely negatively, especially when bullies are telling you to kill yourself. If you’re having thoughts of suicide or feel like you have no one else to talk to, please reach out to us. We care a lot about everyone who reaches out. Doing things that you enjoy may help you cope with the bullying, and may give you some joy in life. Stuff like talking to friends, listening to music or doing sports may be helpful.

If you feel like you need to talk to someone please chat with us at http://calgaryconnecteen.com/ or text us at 587-333-2724 or call us at 403-264-TEEN (8336). If you are ever in immediate danger, call 911.