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I’m planning to kill myself after my pets pass away. I’ve seen multiple therapists and they do not seem to take me seriously. I’m making a “before I die” list, what should I do before I die? Asking for help is something I’ve already fulfilled.


Thanks for your question.  We take questions about suicide very seriously, and I want to make sure you get the information and support you need to make it through this time, safely.

First, I want to acknowledge the courage you show in choosing to submit your question. Seeking help can be confusing, frustrating, and sometimes scary. Second,  If you’re at the point where you’re considering acting on a plan for suicide, I really hope you will contact ConnecTeen (403-264-8336) or visit a hospital and speak to a doctor.

Losing a pet can be very hard. In fact, sometimes the mere thought of one day losing a pet is enough for us to start feeling hopeless.  This is especially true given how important pets can be for our comfort and self-care. It’s really tough too when a lot of see our pets as family and unfortunately not everyone sees eye to eye on that. It’s a bummer that losing things we care deeply about, such as a pet, is an inevitable part of living, and even though I wish this weren’t the case, it is.

So how then do we stand up to face the pain that accompanies this sort of loss?  Well, because each of us have our own unique strengths, abilities, and means of coping with our pain, the way we deal with loss looks different from person to person.  The problem is, when we’re in the heat of our pain, it’s easy to forget about how to manage our pain, or we might even start feeling like we don’t have the means to manage our pain.  We believe that every individual already has everything needed to deal with things as challenging as the loss of a pet, even though sometimes we need a reminder of our own inherent strength.

One of the ways we can begin to handle loss is by seeking help.  Talking with the right person can help remind of all the ways we have successfully dealt with pain in the past, provide us with new perspectives, and help us make a plan to manage address our problems.

When we reach out for help and we don’t receive the support we need, we might start to feel like nothing will ever work, or that we’re beyond the point of help.  How frustrating!!!

Regardless of how strongly you believe that you are beyond the point of help, I promise you it’s not true! 

Talking to a therapist who does not take you seriously is not something anyone should have to experience. I recommend starting out with contacting ConnecTeen through our phone, chat, or text lines.  This will let you talk to someone else who is young and can relate to many of the experiences you’re going through.  We frequently support young people who are experiencing thoughts of suicide, and we always take them seriously.  If the type of support offered by ConnecTeen isn’t what you’re looking for, we will do everything we can to make sure we help you find the support you need.

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