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The Value of Alone Time

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Author: Isha

As our lives are consumed by various commitments such as school, work, and social life, it can be difficult to spend time by and for yourself. And with social media, texting, and other means of communication, it can be challenging to truly unplug from the buzz. Even though it can be difficult to do, it is important and worthwhile to set aside time for just yourself.

Why would you benefit from alone time?

Firstly, alone time allows you to engage in deeper thinking. Being constantly occupied by day-to-day activities hinders your ability to creatively and be optimally productive. So, spending time alone allows you to think deeper into your ideas. Studies ( show that solidarity helps you concentrate better, as opposed to the times that you are around people.

Alone time reduces distractions and allows you to zone into your tasks for a shorter amount of time. Self-reflection is important as it allows you to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Time spent alone will allow you to focus on future prospects and you will be able to set your mind apart from your daily hustle to reflect on your personal and professional goals. This time can be used to make a “mind map” to help you prioritize your ambitions and think about new ways to progress.

Ways to spend alone time:

  • Since alone time is a way to take care of yourself mentally, you should consider taking care of yourself physically and your surroundings. Take time to take a relaxing bath or nap and clean up your room and this will allow you to feel refreshed.
  • Exercising has its own health benefits, but it is also the perfect way to devote time towards yourself.
  • Writing a diary/journal entry to release your feelings, emotions, and ideas. This gives you a way to reflect upon your previous thoughts and compare the past to your current place of mind. – Another way to spend alone time is to go out for a personal excursion and do whatever you please, whether it is shopping, eating, or a walk in the park.
  • Catching up on your favorite TV show or movie is the perfect way to relax and take your mind off of your daily life.

Overall, time spent alone should be quality time for you to enjoy your own company. With this, it should be a way for you to understand yourself better and feel comfortable with yourself. You need to make yourself a priority, thus alone time has nothing to do with being selfish, but has much more to do with well-being and mental health.


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