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Life after quarantine

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Author: Andrea

Now that things are getting closer to what we used to consider “normal,” you may be feeling a range of emotions, including anxiety and fear. These feelings of uncertainty are completely justified; quarantine has had a huge impact in our daily lives and affected all of us in very different ways, by preventing us from seeing loved ones, affecting our employment and challenging our mental health.

Being isolated at home, without being able to go out and live your life the way you used to can really take a toll on your physical and mental wellbeing. But now we face a new challenge, trying to go back to a sort of “normal.” Many of us are vaccinated and gyms, restaurants and many other locations are opening back up. We’ve gotten used to being at home and in a way we’ve been forced to limit our social interactions, which can lead to some of us to struggle to get back to going to in person classes away from the comfort of our homes, having to get ready and look presentable everyday, and even go back to work! While these are all exciting things to look forward to, they can also feel overwhelming, especially when the threat of COVID is still very present.

While these are all exciting things to look forward to, they can also feel overwhelming, especially when the threat of COVID is still very present.

To manage these emotions, remember that you can ease back into “regular” life at your own pace. Just because more places have opened up doesn’t mean you are obligated to visit a busy restaurant or attend a party. There’s nothing wrong with taking things slow.

During this transitional time, make sure that you’re practicing self-care. Whether this means waking up a little earlier to go on a jog, taking 15 mins every night to journal, reading a book or spending time alone or with friends.

Transitioning back into life away from quarantine can be scary, but if we take it slow and make time for the little things that make us feel good and happy, we’ll get through this uncertain period and hopefully be able to enjoy a more free and social life again.

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