My school is toxic and I get anxious and stressed whenever I need to go. How can I stay calm and positive?

Hey there, thanks for reaching out to us. It can be really tough staying positive when you’re forced to go somewhere that doesn’t vibe with you. The best ways to cope with a situation like this that I can see would be to either find ways to still enjoy yourself at school, or strengthen your supports outside of school.


When you think about your own interests, there might be a way to bring those to your school so that you can have some sort of escape from what’s going on in your environment. For example, for me I like to spend my breaks from class with my headphones in listening to my music, and sometimes reading a book or playing a game on my phone. For you that might look like doodling in class, bringing your favourite food or drink for lunch (a cup of tea is my go-to), or maybe calling a friend when you have a break. Maybe there are clubs or groups at your school that would be worth checking out – this is also a great way to make friends and build a support system at your school.


If none of those ideas work for you or your school, that’s totally fine. The next thing to look at then is what you could do before and after school to de-stress and get rid of that negativity and toxicity. Lots of community and leisure centres have pretty cool after-school programs, swimming, sports, etc. that you could get involved in.

Self care is also really important when you’re feeling stressed, and that means something different for everyone. Anything from yoga/meditation to funny YouTube videos to hanging out with friends can be self care! At ConnecTeen we really emphasize taking care of yourself this way as part of healthy living. Hopefully this information helps you to cope with what’s going on at school. If you need more suggestions for self care, or coping in general, we encourage you to reach out. Feel free to message us through our website, text us at 587-333-2724, or call at 403-264-TEEN.