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School is completely stressing me out and I feel like I’m on the verge of a breakdown!

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First off, we would like to apologize that this post is a little later than normal. The website has been having some technical difficulties and we only recently received your message.


School can be a very tough time for lots of people, especially around exam time.  Pressure can come from all directions, including teachers, parents, and oftentimes even ourselves.


Life can be filled with some very stressful moments, and it is important that when we reach a point where we can’t take it anymore, we explore coping mechanisms and ways to relieve our stress. Some coping mechanism that work for me are listening to music, going to the outdoors, and being around friends and family. Everybody has different coping mechanism and it is important to find one that works for you.


Mental health should be a top priority, because if someone take on to much work without proper self-care they can burnout, and possibly worsen the situation. I know from personal experience how teachers can be very difficult to deal with, and how it seems like some do not care, but they may not know what is going on, and by approaching them and letting them know what is going on they may be able to help.


Anxiety is also a totally normal feeling, but when anxiety reaches the point where you cannot function properly, then seeking professional help is important. Often times, most universities have student wellness centres where professional support is often free of charge if you are a student at that university. There are also many other options that are available in the city of Calgary. You can find out more about these options by calling 211, which is a free 24/7 information and referral system. Just tell the person who answers what you are looking for and they can find the best options for you. Although professional help is great for some people, for others it may not be the right option, if things aren’t working tight now it is important to look into other strategies.


Parents may be a great support for some, for others they may not be. It is important to find supports that work for you and your lifestyle. It’s always important to remember that everybody is different and everybody deals with things in different ways, and while it may feel to you like nobody cares, they may also not be aware. If you would like to talk about the stress of school, or any other concern, we would love to hear from you. Please call us anytime at 403.264.8336 or text us at 587.333.2724.


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