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RBC donates $30,000 to ConnecTeen

ConnecTeen is incredibly grateful to have received a check for $30,000 from RBC on October 28, 2015. The donation allows us to provide and improve on the support we offer teens and youth experiencing crisis.

ConnecTeen provides 24-hour phone support, as well chat, text and email support. We are proud to offer peer support, meaning that during peer support hours, the youth who talk to us are speaking to other youth, aged 15-21, who can better understand the issues they are dealing with.

“We know that young Canadians today are reaching adulthood in an emotional slump – they are worried about their future and fearful that life will pass them by,” says Jerilynn Daniels, Senior Manager, Community Investments and Marketing, RBC Royal Bank. “Partners like ConnecTeen are playing a crucial role in not only treating the immediate distress teens may be facing, but equipping them with the emotional tools and resources that will help them thrive.

“We are proud to play a part in supporting ConnecTeen deliver such vital services to our community.”

RBC has been a partner of ConnecTeen since 2003, and in that time they have donated over $100,000 to several Distress Centre programs, but mainly to ConnecTeen, through their Children’s Mental Health Project.

“The RBC Children’s Mental Health Project has provided more than $20 million to organizations dedicated to helping kids and families get the programs and resources they need,” Roxanne Cote, Resource Development Manager for Distress Centre noted. “You can definitely see the alignment between RBC and the ConnecTeen program, both working together to foster healthier youth in our community.”

Lori McLaren (right), Commercial Account Manager for RBC, presents the check to Jerilyn Dressler, Acting Executive Director for Distress Centre.

The RBC Believe in Kids pledge is a five-year, $100 million commitment to improve the well-being of at least 1 million kids and youth.

They believe kids are our future: for our economic prosperity, the health of the planet and the hope of humanity. They believe kids should feel healthy inside and out.

RBC also recently announced that they will be hosting a Twitter contest with Imperial Oil at the National Philanthropy Luncheon on November 13. They have pledged up to $10,000 for 211.

Thank you RBC for your continued support.

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