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Romantic relationships & focusing on yourself

Author: Isha

Romantic relationships can be a significant part of evolving as a person. Relationships are about trusting your instincts and understanding what you’re comfortable with. Prior to beginning a relationship, it is important to understand yourself and have confidence in your choices as a person. Being secure in yourself can keep you sorted, communicative, and confident in any relationship.

In this post, I will focus on maintaining romantic relationships as a teen.

Associating yourself to anybody is a choice that only you have control over. You don’t have to force yourself to date someone because it seems like something you should do.

People have their own pace and ways to go about relationships. The first message I must emphasize is respect. Always remember to respect others’ choices and respect yourself when you decide to make your own.

As a teenager, beginning romantic relationships can be daunting, because it might be the first time you invest emotions into another person. Therefore, friendship is important because it is the best way to get to know another person. Like any other relationship, friendship is based on trust. Choose a partner who is not judgmental towards your personality and choices. Exchanging unnecessary judgement and criticism leads to toxic and unsustainable relationships.

The people surrounding you and your partner are also a part of the equation. It is important to talk to your friends to keep them informed about how you feel. Trusted friends or family members becomes a solid group of people to talk to when you’re having problems in your relationship and want to talk to someone about it.

Trusted friends or family members becomes a solid group of people to talk to when you’re having problems in your relationship and want to talk to someone about it.

When you first start dating someone it’s natural to be excited and perhaps neglect your friendships. Such actions may hurt feelings and cause your social group to feel ignored. It is also important to give your partner mental space and spend time away from each other. Reflecting upon yourself and relationship will only enrich the special bond you share with your partner.

All of us have a limited amount of time and energy to work with, so we have to prioritize what in our lives is most important to us. Being a teenager can be a confusing time and it is hard to select and focus on your priorities. When you decide to date someone, it is important to understand how you fit your relationship into these priorities. This will allow you to make sure you can balance important commitments (school and extracurriculars), with your relationship. Take time to reflect on yourself and if you continue to feel lost please reach out for help from a friend, family member, or ConnecTeen.

Understanding romantic relationships can seem complex because they involve time and emotions. Understanding yourself and what you want in a relationship is critical before you embark on your dating journey. I hope that this post helps you find some ways to put yourself first in a relationship, but not in a selfish way.

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