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Using social media wisely

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Author: Isha

Sometimes, social media can be an overwhelming and toxic place. From Snapchat to Instagram, there are many means to communicate with various groups. As I reflected on this topic, I realized how the healthy use of social media requires balance. With every positive aspect of social media comes a negative one.

In this post, my aim is to help you find this middle ground.

Social media has become a popular and effective means to stay updated on current events.

For instance, through the help of informational posts and graphics, social media can educate masses about important issues such as COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement. The content varies from the discussion of serious social problems to the sharing of lighthearted memes.

However, social media can be like a deep dark hole where you can easily fall into the trap of constantly using it with the excuse of “staying updated.” So, social media can be a distraction from focusing on your tasks and your personal growth in general. To take a breather, deactivate or log out of your account. If you immediately feel tempted to go back on, consider deleting the app from your phone. Use your instincts and feelings to decide whether you are ready to reopen your accounts. A breather could last many days or just some hours. Either way, it is important for you to make the ultimate decision as to how you want to control your presence on social media.

One of the best things about social media is being able to share the parts of your life that you wish to share. Over time it has grown to become a way people express themselves and stay connected with social groups. The negative to this pro roots from the human nature to judge others. “Why does this person not post, is it because they are sad? This person’s life seems so perfect, why can’t mine be like that?” These are some of the questions that you might hear yourself or others asking when analyzing social media.

Using comparisons to judge people is something that you must control on your own.

People might show the nice places they eat, how they dress, or who they hang out with. It is critical to understand that most people share only the positives of their lives. They do not necessarily share their daily struggles or post a selfie of themselves crying. Furthermore, judging people who do not post or choose not to be on social media is also harmful. It is people’s right to share what they like and keep other things private. Ultimately, nobody’s life is perfect or absolutely boring just because it seems as such on social media.

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