Should I stop self harming? And if so, why? Everyone always says that they want to stop self harming or that other people should stop but why?

That is a very thoughtful question. One that we have answered in the past so I recommend looking for them here. Self-harm is a method that many people use for several different reasons. For some, it may be a form of escape from difficult situations and for others, it may be from having suicidal thoughts. Due to the various circumstances and situations that people find themselves in, self harm occurs for different reasons.  The reasons for wanting to stop self-harming vary as well so in short, there is no exact answer for why and why people don’t choose to self-harm.

Everyone is entitled to their own choice and we do not judge no matter what the choices are, but the reason why we do not encourage self-harm as the only method of coping is because it can be dangerous. It is a short-term method of coping, which is not very effective or healthy in the long run. Self-harm can also sometimes lead to unexpected infections or life-threatening conditions. We encourage safer ways of coping like exercising, working on a hobby (ie. writing, painting, baking, listening to music), practicing self-care (taking a bath, drinking tea, watching a movie, taking some deep breaths) and/or maybe reaching out to someone. There are so many different, but beneficial methods of making oneself feel better and we hope that you can find a safe method that works for you.

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