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Take a Self-Care Day

Author: Yi-Nuo

Stressed?  Tired?  Burnt Out?

Listen.  You’re smart, hardworking, success-oriented, and driven.  I get that.  But there is literally not a single human being who has ever existed on this planet that is 100% productive 100% of the time.

You need time to let yourself rest, Superman.

There’s tons and tons of research and statistics out there that point out the correlation between relaxation and resting with productivity.  Our bodies and minds are not able to function at full capacity all the time, and it’s essential to take time to ‘sharpen the saw’.  You don’t need to be a workaholic to achieve your dreams, you need to be balanced; in fact, not giving yourself breaks can cause you to lose productivity.

Having a self-care day is a great way to recuperate from afflictions such as stress, burnout, and fatigue.  One day all to yourself, for the sole purpose of allowing yourself to rest up and pay attention to your own needs. Now, doesn’t that sound heavenly?

How it’s done

The first step to taking a self-care day is to schedule a block of time for it to happen.  It’s essential that you don’t try to multitask when it comes to taking care of yourself, as it reduces the effectiveness.

During your self-care day, make sure to turn off your phone and set aside the emails, the errands, and the homework- they can wait.  If you know you need a little extra help to ensure that you do this, physically mark down in your planner or calendar that you are going to take time just to practice self-care during this specific period of time.  This way, you won’t forget, and will have no excuses to back out.

During your self-care day, make sure to turn off your phone and set aside the emails, the errands, and the homework- they can wait.”

As for the practice of self-care itself, there are tons of tips and ideas to be found on the internet beforehand; or, alternatively, you can follow your own head and simply do whatever feels most relaxing to you.  Read a book.  Take a nap.  Do yoga.  Watch some TV or a movie.  Cook something.  Make art.  Go for a walk.  Treat yourself.  Or, don’t do any of those things.  Your break time is your time, and does not come with any sort of obligation attached.  What really matters is that you choose whatever works for you.  Forgive yourself and allow yourself time to heal, rest, and recharge.  You deserve it!

At the end of your self-care day, take some time to reflect on what you are grateful for. When we’re rushing through life, stressed, tired and agitated it can be hard to see the positives. But after a day of winding down and chilling out, it will be a lot easier to the spot the silver lining.  Think about what you have to be thankful for, what little things in life make you happy.

Good luck, and don’t forget: it’s important to always take care of yourself, whether it’s during a self-care day or not!

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