Teens and video games

Author: Isha 

Video gaming continues to emerge as a common source of entertainment for many teenagers. The main debate lies in whether the effects of video games are negative or positive. In this article, I will discuss both sides so that you can come to your own conclusion.  

To understand the demographic of video games I explored a study done by the University of British Columbia (UBC). According to UBC, 61% of the population of Canada identify as gamers, the average age of users is 39, and the male to female ratio is shared equally. In the US almost 97% of children and teens play video games for a minimum duration of one hour a day.  

In the US almost 97% of children and teens play video games for a minimum duration of one hour a day.”

The study found that gamers have a better ability to maintain attention and need less stimulation to concentrate on large tasks. Many gamers develop stronger hand-eye coordination and improved spatial (visual) skills. The main concern raised in the study is addiction. Addiction to video games often roots with the obsession of the person wanting to beat their own score or beating someone else’s score in multiplayer games. Some research reveals the way the brain works when addicts as subject to cravings, and the formation and function of the brain shifts and operates the feeling of pleasure and rewards.  

Video game addiction causes an individual’s energy, attention, and time become consumed by the gaming world. This negatively affects one’s relationships with people and gaming addicts are prone to be less social. Sometimes, teenagers can develop aggression issues due to the common use of violence in games. 

Depending on the intensity of one’s gaming addiction, they may need to develop coping strategies and even seek professional helpThese strategies can include keeping video game equipment outside of bedrooms and simply discussing the problem with your parents or even a therapist. However, as discussed above if video games are played responsibly, they can have positive effects.

Now it is in your hands to control your gaming habits and make the best of this technology!