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What can you do for the environment?

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Author: Isha

Being environmentally aware and being conscious about the choices we make as a society is relevant and critical. There are more than 1 million species at the risk of extinction and climate change has the potential to have irreversible effects on our world. In this post I will discuss some ways to decrease our ecological footprints and work towards saving our environment!

As of May 2020, the air was concentrated with 416 parts per million CO2, this was the highest record in history. To reduce carbon emissions, it is a good idea to carpool, asking for rides from family, or to use transit. During COVID-19 times, make sure you adhere to health regulations when you choose who you commute with. Buying a car when you get your license seems exciting, but consider other alternatives so that you can save money and help the environment.

Believe it or not, being fashionable and eco-friendly is possible! There are many thrift and consignment stores like Value Village, GoodWill, and Plato’s Closet. These stores provide a wide variety of styles and options at affordable prices. You can also shop from brands like Patagonia, Alternative Apparel, and Levis. These companies are known to adopt eco-friendly and sustainable methods to produce clothing.

Try to minimize the amount of single use plastic you consume. Eating out, grabbing a coffee, or shopping generally comes with some extra packaging. Having homemade coffee and food in reusable containers minimizes waste and costs! Using reusable cloth bags is practical when we shop.

Having homemade coffee and food in reusable containers minimizes waste and costs!

Make sure you do the basic composting and recycling regime. Sometimes, we lazily avoid the walk to the compost or recycling bin. But composting and recycling using our local bins is one of the most basic duties we have towards the planet!

There are several carbon footprint calculator websites that can help you find ways to improve your approach towards the environment and understand how your actions impact the environment.

Being informed and learning more about our environment is our duty. So, I encourage you to become involved in environmental initiatives and donate if possible. Join school clubs that promote and act upon environmental movements and encourage the people around you to adopt environmentally friendly habits!

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