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Why I Keep a Journal (And You Should Too)

By: Katherine Holm, University of Calgary Distress Centre on Campus Blogger

Teenage life is hectic. Even when you’re temporarily relieved from the stresses of school, the realities of life – friendships, relationships, jobs, figuring out your future – makes it difficult to keep track of everything you have going on.

Keeping a journal is a wonderful way to cope with stress and deal with the problems you may be facing.

Here’s 4 reasons why I keep a journal, and why you should too:

1. When you keep journal, life will start making sense.

Keeping a journal has brought more clarity and focus to my life. When I face a difficult situation, or feel like I have something to say that I can’t get out, I write it down. Writing is a good form of stress release. Journaling allows you to let go of your problems and move on as a happier and healthier version of yourself.

2. Your journal is a safe place to say what’s on your mind.

In addition to providing relief from stress, writing in a journal can provide you with a sense of closure.

Journaling enables you to sort through all the complicated thoughts in your head without fear of judgement, betrayal, or hurting someone else’s feelings. My journal is a safe place for my thoughts. I know that I can write what I’m feeling, and there will be no one who will judge me for it. Don’t restrict yourself when writing; you don’t need to write with a filter.

3. Journaling can help you gain a new perspective.

Writing your thoughts as plainly and explicitly as possible will help you understand the problems you face, and will help you to find the solutions. Sometimes a problem needs to be laid out in front of you before you can approach it. It’s all about perspective.

4. Your journal tells the story of you.

Although I have only one completed journal to my name, I am sure that I will take that journal off the shelf again in a year or two and be able to remember what my life was like. You can’t improve or grow unless you know where you stand. Looking back on my first entry and comparing it to my last was an incredible experience. To see how much I’ve grown as a person is rewarding, and gives me confidence and strength moving forward.


Feel free to use ConnecTeen volunteers like your own living journal by talking to us when you’re feeling stressed or need to talk to someone without being judged.

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