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How to Cope in High School: From Someone Who Has Been There

By: Katherine Holm, University of Calgary Distress Centre on Campus Blogger

High school is tough. Between your academic schedule, social life, and personal commitments, things can get hard to handle.

I know from experience that high school can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your life, but also one of the most challenging.

One thing that I’ve learned throughout my years as a high school student is that life gets hectic very quickly. It is all too easy for your life to spiral out of control. It’s hard to achieve a balance between study time and downtime, and even harder to maintain your grades while keeping up with your social life.

Coping with the pressures of high school isn’t easy.

I wish I could tell you that there is some magical solution that will cure all your problems, but there isn’t. However, it gets better. As clichéd and overused as this statement may be, it is undoubtedly true. High school won’t last forever, even though it seems like it might. The best way to approach your problems is by facing them head on.

What you’re facing now will seem small when you look back on it, so it’s important to take time for yourself. Breathe, relax, and take care of yourself.

The pressures and demands of high school pale in comparison to the worth of your body.

If you make it a priority to take care of yourself first, you will likely find that your problems become easier to confront.

Developing a social support system is important.

When you have final exams, term papers, and university applications on your mind, a social life is probably the last thing in the world you’re thinking about. It’s easy to lose track of relationships and friendships, and this comes at a price. Balance is key. Yes, studying for your exams is important. But it’s also important to relax, take breaks, and have fun.

You only get to go to high school once, so remember to cherish the experiences you have and the friendships you make. It is also really important to learn how to take breaks. You don’t have to be non-stop all of the time, despite what your teachers and parents may imply.

Balance is key.

High school will always present challenges, but it’s also an exciting time of change and growth. Perhaps the most important take away from this article is understanding that you are not alone. Every teenager has trouble coping in high school. The people you think have it all figured out are probably struggling too. Don’t compare yourself to others.

To all of you in high school right now, hang in there. The things you never think will go away will soften with time. Your failures don’t define you, and neither do your successes. Learn to take care of yourself, and find your balance.

If you remember this, then you will find it easier to cope with the trials and tribulations of not only high school, but also life.

If you are struggling, or just need to talk, contact us.

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