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Worried and Sad about Discussing my Poor Grades with my Parents

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Hey there, thanks for the really great question! A lot of people struggle with talking about their grades, especially when parents have high expectations and you aren’t always able to meet them. Grades can be super stressful and frustrating because they don’t always turn out the way you want them to, even when you work hard and put in the effort.

First off, it’s really great that you already know what contributed to the low grades. If you didn’t get the results you were hoping for, it’s really important to look back and think about what could’ve gone differently, and what you are able to change for next time in order to improve your work. Once you figure that out, try to make a plan on how you can improve your performance in the future and achieve higher grades. Making a plan before talking to your parents, explaining what happened, and how you’re going to change that for the next time, it’s very likely that they will see that you’re learning from your past mistakes. It might be enough to show them your plan by telling them exactly what you’re going to do, and how those actions will affect your grades for the better. This is good evidence to show that you’re putting in the effort to improve your grades. This kind of conversation is difficult regardless, but having a plan may help in feeling more prepared and calm some of the worry that you are currently experiencing.

You mentioned that you were feeling extremely worried and sad, so please don’t forget to take care of yourself too! It’s super important to find ways to de-stress and relax whenever you aren’t feeling the best. Some ways to do this include: taking a bath, reading a book, watching a movie, going for a run, hanging out with friends, drawing or painting, cooking a meal, or baking some delicacies. Pretty much anything you enjoy doing that helps with some of the stress will be important to cope with your feelings of worry and sadness.

If you have any more questions, you can reach out to us through our online confidential chat, text us at 587.333.2724 or call us at 403.264.8336. We’d love to talk to you and support you in any way we can!


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