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Ways to stay connected during lockdown

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Author: Heena

With vaccinations rolling out, there is hope for returning to “normal.” But unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet and still need to physically distance as much as possible.

But just because we are physically apart from our friends and family, doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected. Now more than ever is the time to make plans to stay connected and get involved in the community.

Here are some ways to stay socially connected:

1. Reach Out And Reconnect

This is a great time to strengthen and even renew past relationships with people who you haven’t talked to in a while. Whether it’s through a call, text, letter and even email, there are many many ways to reach out and catch up with old friends.

2. Get Creative And Host A Social Event

There are many ways to get creative and host events online. For example, Teleparty lets you watch movies with a group of friends. If that’s not appealing there are other activities that can take place over call. Online game nights and talents shows are a few examples that can help you plan a fun evening with your friends and family.

3. Take an Online Class

Take this time to join an online class, whether it is to learn something new or just to stay active. There are plenty of resources online such as fitness classes, online learning and just about anything for your niche or hobbies. That lets you stay active while also interacting with others in the community.

4. Find your group

If you have any hobbies or interests I can guarantee that there is already a group out there waiting for you. Online forums and groups let you connect with like-minded individuals. Virtual Book clubs that are growing more popular are a good example of this.

We are all finding ways to cope during this pandemic and to make sure our health and well-being is not negatively affected. Staying involved in our community is so important when it comes to maintaining our mental well-being. Luckily technology has given us the opportunity to stay connected with loved ones, and maybe even form new bonds. Don’t let the physical distance be a barrier to you and make sure you reach out when you need some social interaction.

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