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Addressing your emotions

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Author: Isha

How do you feel today? Have you ever taken the time to think about how you truly feel throughout the day? Juggling between the different activities of our daily lives, we often forget to reflect on our own emotions.

In this blog I will discuss emotional awareness and its importance.

Why are your emotions important?

Even though this question may seem irrelevant to your daily life, it is quite significant. Our emotions are not only how we feel, but they are reflected in the way we act and affect our surroundings. Learning to express our good and bad emotions in a positive way helps build emotional awareness.

How can you understand and process your emotions?

When you are dealing with a difficult situation, try to tune into your thoughts. Understanding such thoughts and the emotions that cause them, can help you overcome and possibly solve the problems you face. Understanding your negative feelings helps you make more space for happy, positive, or neutral emotions. Understanding your emotions is like a cycle in which you go through ups and downs, with the end goal of feeling balanced and content. To help you in this cycle, talking out your thoughts and expressing them to someone can help you build stronger relationships with the people around you. When your parents, friends, or siblings tune in to your emotions, they can help you understand yourself better.

You could also try using a mood diary or journalling as a way of expressing themselves. Through this process you can keep track of emotions from the past and compare them to the ones of the present; you figure out if you feel better, worse, or the same and it can help you figure out ways to change habits that make you experience undesirable emotions.

I hope this post encouraged you to reflect on how you felt in the last hour, day, or week. Our emotions are complicated and sometimes they may feel like a mess but confronting them and understanding ourselves is the best thing we can do to help ourselves.


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