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Fitting In

Self-esteem is a huge thing for teenagers, and sometimes we do things to fit in. Walking through the doors of your high school and being open to the eyes of so many people can make you feel like some sort of prey in an open field. No matter where you walk, it’s as if someone is staring at your face, your clothes or judging the way you walk. It’s an uncontrollable feeling, something that is fueled by our insecurities and I end up asking myself, “Does my outfit look all right?”, “Is my makeup running?”

It perfectly normal to be aware of your reputation and wonder about who may be looking at you, but it’s important that when trying to get “approval” from friends and other classmates on your appearance, your sport skills, or your academics, you don’t lose yourself in the process.

Fitting in takes time, and when you’re constantly trying to perfect something to get others approval, it can be hard to figure out whether you are doing this for them, or for yourself. Do you see yourself in the outfits you choose, or do you see just another student? It’s not bad to fit in, but it is also important to show your individuality as well, even if some classmates judge you.

If your friends judge you because of the clothes you wear instead of your personality, maybe they aren’t the people for you.

There are many people who will be willing to accept the whole package, people whom you can be yourself around, and be happy with. These people help your self-esteem, and help you be confident in yourself and the person you are.

Fit in with the people that suit you best, the people who accept you for who you are, whether you match them or not. Then you can look at yourself and feel confident, because you know that despite the fact that there may be people scowling at the way you walk, the makeup on your face, or the way you laugh, there are others who accept it wholeheartedly and have your back through it all, and those are the people worth ‘fitting in” with.

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