Drawing the Line

Makeup is a tricky part of life.

Too much is deemed “trashy”. None is deemed “too plain”. It’s something that should be used as self-expression but is instead a symbol of beauty.

I’ve heard girls be told that they would look better if they wore less makeup. Or that they would be so pretty if they just put in a little more effort. These sorts of comments are just mean. News flash, girls don’t and shouldn’t wear makeup to impress anybody except them.  I do not spend time doing my makeup in the morning in hopes that some guy will think it looks nice. I do it because I like how makeup makes me look and feel.

Makeup shouldn’t be about impressing other people.

Makeup should be worn to make you feel happy. Why would I spend upwards of 20 minutes drawing on my face if I didn’t feel happy about how I look afterwards? They say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but I don’t think that’s completely true. It sounds like a cliché but having inner beauty and self confidence makes you look better and happier. Your self-confidence shouldn’t come solely from the products you put on your face, but I think it’s great if those products boost your confidence.

I do wear makeup most days because I feel more confident going into a day if my eyeliner is nicely winged and my eyebrows are on point. But that’s just me. Makeup is just like any other way of expressing yourself; people choose to wear what expresses their personality. Just like fashion and hairstyles. Some people love to wear dresses with their hair in flowing curls while other people are happiest in jeans, a t-shirt, and a ponytail.

Makeup is no different; some people love to wear dramatic makeup, while other people prefer to wear none.

No matter how much or how little makeup anyone wears, it’s having confidence in how you look that really makes you attractive.

Image courtesy of Brenna Daugherty. Image was cropped and sides were stylized by ConnecTeen.