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Relationships are vital to human life. They allow us to connect to other people, and find others with common interests. Friendships make us feel less alone and a good and healthy friendship provides support in so many ways.

I had many close friends in high school, but after graduation I soon stopped being friends with half the people I used to talk to. We simply grew apart and realized we were incompatible. People change as they grow older, face adversities, or realize what they want, and some friendships will change with this.

This is especially common after high school. A lot of the friendships I had, I realized were simply because I saw those people five times a week. I began to trim down my friend group and realized that quality over quantity improved my happiness and my relationships with others. I was able to make more intimate, close friendships with the people who mattered rather than having many acquaintances. I also re-evaluated all of my friendships to realize who was toxic in my life and were negative influences. I felt a weight off my shoulder once I began surrounding myself with people who added to my life in a positive way.

I felt a weight off my shoulder once I began surrounding myself with people who added to my life in a positive way.

A common problem within friendships is misunderstandings and disputes. When two people face a problem, or have different ideas or beliefs about a problem it can cause a rift. It’s important to remember that communication is key. Always try to receive each other’s input with an open mind. Oftentimes, one will keep their problems about their friend to themselves or assume the person knows why they are angry but people are not mind readers. It’s important to have a conversation with them so that things gets resolved or to at least shine light on another person’s perspective.

Friendships come and go but if a friendship is important to you, you need to put in the time and effort to maintain it. Communication and understanding will go a long way. If a friendship you care about does start to go sour, the pain can be immense.

It’s understandable to be sad, angry, or confused about the situation or whatever other emotions that arise.

If you are unsure why this is happening, try to discuss with them and see why and if they are ignorant to how they are hurting you or if you should re-evaluate whether it’s worth continuing this friendship. Friendship is a two-way street that both partners must put in equal effort and time into.

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