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Author: Plusle

Three years have gone by fast, and you’re finally at the end. Congratulations! You’re graduating. How does it make you feel?  What are your memories like? What did you enjoy the most in high school? What did you not enjoy in high school?

Finishing high school is like breaking through this barrier that has been stopping you from getting into the real world, the world where you can just start your life. High school is the last thing you technically “need” to do, and now whatever you do next is next is your decision.

That autonomy and independence must feel sweet. It’s exciting to know that there are more things you can do. Now you get to take your first steps towards even bigger things. What are those things for you? Could it be post-secondary, working full time, traveling? Whatever it may be, I bet you’re glad it’s just not High School anymore.

What have you done to prepare for your future plans?

Have you already applied to the schools you want? Have you already sent in your resumes to the places you want to work at? Have you saved up enough for that big trip? When we’re excited sometimes we forget to pay attention to the smaller details, the smaller parts that will help to create that larger goal.

Even though you’re itching to leave, why not try to slow down a little?

It is the last time you will be in high school, so try to have fun with it before it’s over. Have you thanked the teachers and staff that have helped you along the way? High school is something you do once, so you should make the best of it. Hopefully you leave with good memories of it, and if not ask yourself, why? If you reflect on that, you can potentially learn from your past to help you make better choices for yourself in the future. That could include choosing friends who care and have respect for you or continuing to work on your journey towards body acceptance.

How do you expect graduation to go? It’s a really big deal to walk the stage, you should be extremely proud of what you have finished. Despite the hardships and difficulties you persevered and worked hard until the end and you get to see your hard work flourish.

At the end of the day, no matter what you have experienced, you might just be glad to be leaving. It’s time to look ahead to the future, to new opportunities and challenges and take the next step in life. Good luck! We are here for you on this journey.

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