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Need a job? What experience do you have?

Author: Plusle

You know what I hate? When I see job postings that say they need things like “Looking for individual age 18 years with 20 years of experience”. Okay. That was a gross over-exaggeration but that’s what it feels like. Places are more likely to offer jobs to people who already have experience.

That is just super fine and dandy for them but what about the people with no experience? When you’re just starting out, you don’t really have any past job experience. How do they expect me to get experience when no one will offer me a job? It seems like this endless cycle of “Can’t get a job because I have no experience, I have no experience because I don’t have a job”. Luckily there are a few ways to break the cycle.

A great place to get experience is at school

Yes. I know it’s not job experience, but it is experience nonetheless. Join clubs. Try aiming for a position in the club that involves some responsibility to show you’re a good leader and that you can manage time. The clubs that are associated with an organization tend to look better on your resume, but don’t let that stop you from joining a club that interests you. Join clubs that involve activities you enjoy or are passionate about because you’re more likely to put work and time into it.

There is also the option of joining extra-curricular activities like music or sports, which shows determination and perseverance. Have you made Honour Role or won any academic awards? Include that as well!

Volunteer in your community

These will seriously add some oomph to your resume. Volunteering has a lot of varied tasks and depending on where you volunteer you can gain some really neat skills. Many places accept youth as well and having past experience isn’t always necessary to get in. Remember to take interviews for volunteering just as seriously as you would for interviews for work.  Interviews are the gateway for access so always do your best. You know, the Distress Centre offers a program for youth to volunteer in. . . Just saying.

Youth Central also offers a fun and varied volunteer experience for teens aged 12-18.

It’s all about who you know

That’s right, there is always the option to try to talk yourself into a job if you know someone from the inside. Try to make friends with people who currently have jobs and ask them if there are any openings that you could possibly apply for. Getting approval from a current employee gives you an advantage since they can talk you up to their supervisors. That good word from an already existing employee is super helpful. But don’t rely on it solely, and make sure you can back yourself up.

Alright, three things you can do to break the cycle of unemployment. Need a few more tips? Maybe we can help. Talk to us.

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