How can you combat and prevent burnout?

img des: person leaning over and looking unimpressed and tired

Author: Isha

Burnout is most often associated with work-related stress, but it can also be caused by strained relationships, academics, or any type of overbearing commitment. Exhaustion and losing interest in activities can be key indicators of burnout. Look out for other signs such as difficulty staying focused, impatience, irritability, and anxiety.

Often these indicators can be easily “brushed under the carpet” because stress is a common occurance our daily lives, and it can be difficult to understand when stress is overtaking your life. In this blog post, I will discuss some causes of burnout and how we can combat it’s effects by making better decisions for our mental health!

A common cause of burning out is not taking a break and having an imbalance between commitments and your wellbeing. The key is to set routine breaks within your schedule. To achieve a balance, it is important to understand that scheduling time for yourself is as important as scheduling time for work and other activities.

This technique also helps you set boundaries with people in your life, so that they understand your capacity and availability.

It is also important to say no sometimes! Saying no to events or turning down additional commitments is completely acceptable. This does not mean you are lazy or inattentive to your goals or people in your life. This also adds to your practice of boundary setting, as sometimes we all just want time alone or need time to take care of ourselves. Setting and adhering to boundaries can also help prevent burnout.

Setting and adhering to boundaries can also help prevent burnout.

Losing objectivity in life can also lead to burnout. For example, school can be a central part of your life, but it is important to understand that it is not the only thing in your life. Your friends and hobbies also contribute to your overall happiness. Our lives have so many aspects to them and together they form a larger picture. So, it is important to set realistic expectations for ourselves. At the end of the day, we are human and need to work on our goals in sustainable ways.

Lastly, look out for burnout amongst your friends. Someone may be experiencing burnout, but not recognize the signs. Having a strong support group of friends, family, and mentors can help you through such times. From personal experience, school can be a major stressor, especially during exam season. I find it helpful to stay in touch with my friends who are going through something similar. Then we can support each other because we understand what the other is experiencing and we can keep each other from getting to the point of feeling burnout.

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