How do you get support when a parent(s), guardian(s), friend(s) do not understand your current situation and you’re afraid to get help without them knowing?

Being in a tough situation can be hard, especially when you do not feel like you have any supports to help you get through the situation. Sometimes all it takes is someone saying ‘i am here for you’ or even giving you ways to help with the situation. Sometimes the people who are close to us may not understand the situation that we are going through, sometimes it takes educating them but even then it might not change the situation.

Getting support without someone close to you knowing can be very tricky, especially if it costs money and or time away from them. Keeping secrets from family and friends is hard for some people, but sometimes it is necessary to as to avoid heartbreak or fights. When hiding something that will help with your situation can sometimes make it worse. Sometimes just telling someone that you are getting help, whether it be a close teacher or family friend, can help put you in ease. There may be other people going through the same situation as you so sometimes finding those people can help, although they may be hard to find.

 There are ways to get the support that you need from places that help keep it anonymous. ConnecTeen is a great way to start, talking to teachers, friends and guidance councilors at school can make all the difference. Seeking support outside of your family could help you to get where you need to be or could even help advocate your need of support to your family. There are many support groups in Calgary and the surrounding area that can help with range of situations. Making sure that you understand the situation that you are in and knowing what you need to help yourself can make all the difference.