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How is someone supposed to know which career path suits them best? I’m afraid of making what might be the wrong choice

Thanks for asking a question that I’m sure many people can relate to. This is definitely a big decision to make, and can cause a lot of stress over the commitment it takes. Some may feel a strong influence to satisfy their parent’s expectations, and straying from this can certainly cause doubt. It’s okay to not know what career path might not suit you right now, it’s something that’s so common between everyone that’s facing the same decision as you are right now. There are so many various opportunities and paths that are available, it can be difficult to choose from. It can take a lot to plan so far ahead in your future, because it’s overwhelming to expect to have your life together at this point. Honestly, no one is fully aware of their goals and it can take a long time until you realize everything about yourself. Sometimes it’s best to break it down step- by- step so you can focus on your current upcoming goals. That can be developed to clarify what might suit you best.


Speaking of knowing yourself best, maybe looking into a subject that you like the most, and talking to your teacher or school counsellor about your concerns can put you in the right direction. Some courses are available, like CALM (Career and Life Management), to specify what career choices may be compatible with your skills. You can reach out to others, such as friends or family, so they can suggest what they may see as something that is suitable for you. You can use these perspectives in conjunction with your personal thoughts. Making your choice can be further developed by exploring career paths that may fit into your current hobbies or potential opportunities like volunteering or a part- time job.


In the case that your choice in career changes at any point, it is important to keep in mind that this change can allow you to readjust your options in relation to your preferences. It might take multiple tries to reach your final choice and often these experiences come as trial-and-error sort of experiences. As we are constantly growing and changing in more ways than one, it’s important that you forgive yourself in the case that things don’t lay out as how you expected it to be. Please feel free to contact Connecteen via text, call, chat, or email if you want to talk to someone directly. There’s a lot of stress that comes with making decisions like this, and we want to help support you through these overwhelming times.

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