I always let other people down with my negativity but, I didn’t really mean to hurt their feelings. I used to be positive but, I am not anymore. How do I become positive again?

It is really tough when the people close to you get hurt, and you feel like you’re the one causing it. It’s also a difficult situation when you feel negative and it’s not the easiest thing to control. You said that you used to be positive, and I think it’s normal for people to go through periods of having positivity and then not having it. In times when you feel like you’ve lost your positivity, I think it’s important to look at those times when you had it and ask what happened to make that change? What were the things that helped you be positive before?

There are times when the answers to those questions can be unclear, or unhelpful and we need to move on and look at what new things can bring positivity into our lives. This can take the form of being something inside us, trying to find things to be positive about who we are, and trying to find ways to boost our self-esteem. For this, we can try exercise or other fun activities, try changing our lifestyle to a more healthy one or try writing down our feelings and thoughts so we can identify in our life what’s bringing us down, and find ways to change them. We can also find ways to bring positivity into our lives from the outside, this could be done by trying to make new friends, or hang out with old friends. Try volunteering around the community and becoming a source of positivity for others. Positivity can be a tricky thing to find, but taking little steps and starting with what you can do right now can help lead to bigger and better things.

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