I need help managing with moving out of my parents’ house and moving in with my grandparents this year

Thanks for reaching out to us! Moving is generally pretty tough and stressful to deal with. It sounds especially stressful for you since you’ll be experiencing a change of who you’re living with AND where you’re living. Moreover, it’s hard to be comfortable if your grandparent’s house doesn’t feel like home yet.

Firstly, have you talked to your parents and grandparents about how stressful it’ll be for you? Sometimes they forget that we’re affected by family changes too, and talking to them about how they can make it easier for you or even just letting them know how you’re feeling can really take some of that stress off.

Even reaching out to close friends or other family members about moving into your grandparents home might help you manage. Sometimes, we tend to isolate ourselves when we’re under stress, but reaching out to others tends to let our friends take some of the weight off our shoulders.

Further, what do you usually do to deal with your stress? Even if this is a new experience that you’ve never had to deal with before, some of the stuff you do everyday to manage your stress can still be applied to this. For example, some common stress management activities are reading, listening to music, or just watching Netflix.

If you’d like to talk to  us about how you’re coping with moving, don’t hesitate to chat with us here at calgaryconnecteen.com, text us at 587-333-2724 during our peer support hours, or talk to us 24/7 through 403-264-8336.