What should I do when I have no friends and everyone hates me?

It’s hard to be lonely and having friends is definitely an important part of everyone’s lives to feel supported and just have someone to talk to or hangout with. The feelings of isolation that come with being lonely can be unbearable!

It’s pretty hard to put yourself out there and reach out to new people when you feel unwanted, however, have you thought about reaching out to new people who might have common interests? For example, joining a club in a school or your community. It’s pretty intimidating at first, but definitely rewarding if you make a friend or two out of it, or even just being a part of something!

Since you mentioned everyone hates you, are you being bullied? This is definitely something that’s really hard to deal with and can add to the feelings of loneliness. Plus, people shouldn’t be hurting or bullying you. It’s not okay for people to treat you like you aren’t valuable or matter. Often, it’s helpful to talk to a parent or teacher about it to get that extra support and to take steps towards making it stop.

Lastly, what do you do to deal with your stress or feelings of loneliness? Turning to these stress relievers can often help us feel better when we’re dealing with isolation and it feels like everyone hates us. Sometimes talking it out with someone you trust helps, playing video games or doing something physical like playing sports or exercising can lower your stress.

If you’re still having troubles with making friends or dealing with bullies, please chat with us here at calgaryconnecteen.com, text us at 587-333-2724 during our peer support hours, or talk to us 24/7 through 403-264-8336. We’re here to support you and want you to know that you don’t have to face this alone.