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If I told things to you would it go to my parents or is it secret..?

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We know lots of people want to talk to us but this is one thing that can hold them back. So a big thank you for asking it on behalf of lots of people!

So here is how this goes. If you did tell things to us, it would be hard for us to tell your parents since we don’t have their contact information. In our terms of service, we do have a ‘limits to confidentiality’ section, however, which you can find at the very bottom of I’ll paste it here as well:

“Hey, we’re pumped that you’re thinking about contacting us. We know it can be tough to talk about some pretty private issues and we want you to know that we work hard to keep your story or questions confidential. ConnecTeen is a program of the Distress Centre, which upholds the guidelines of the Canadian Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics sets out pretty strict ground rules about how we treat your personal information. This can include your name, phone number, email or IP address. These rules help make sure that, we won’t share any of your information unless:

  1. You straight up tell us that you are ok with us sharing information for specific reasons and to specific agencies or people you want to help you.
  2. The Distress Centre believes that there is a strong risk of harm to yourself or another person (we decide this through our conversation with you and our risk assessment tools). If we do feel there is a serious risk of harm, our Code of Ethics, the law, and our conscience tells us to take as many steps as we reasonably can to prevent serious harm. This means we may have to contact police or other authorities.
  3. If we are required by the law, such as a legal subpoena (an order from a judge), to report about your use of the Distress Centre services.

Our team here at the Distress Centre wants to work with you as much as we can to ensure you are safe. We’ll work to figure out what your concerns are using your voice as much as possible to reduce the risks to safety before we take steps like sharing your information without you knowing about it. If you have any more questions about how we keep your information confidential; you can email us at

Soooo basically that means, we might not be able to tell your parents directly, but if there is harm we might have to let emergency services know. Also, we might have to let the court system know if it is required by law. But otherwise, we try to keep what you say as confidential, and rest assured every volunteer must abide by this.

I hope that answered your question! Please give us a shout though online chat, text, email, or our phone number because hearing you out is important.

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