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I’m 15 and home schooled but my parents seem to be angry with any decision I make! What do I do?

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…I don’t get out of the house often but when I do, my parents yell at me. But when I go back to my room, they say that I’m lazy. I don’t know what to do.

Thanks for asking this question, and I’m sorry to hear that is the case for you. I can sense that it seems hard to please your parents when both options you’ve mentioned there seem to be angering them. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand what their reasons for getting mad even are!

On the other hand, when being home schooled, like you said, it’s definitely normal and okay to want to get out of the house more. As teens, of course we’d want to see the outside world and hang out around town. This feeling is so relatable.

Starting off, have you ever talked to your parents about these feelings? Having this conversation can get your thoughts off your chest. After all, they might simply not realize what the situation is like for you. And secondly, you could also talk to a friend or relative because they might’ve had the same thing happen to them and figured out a way to make their wants work. Or depending on your situation, a possible way to balance their concerns and your want to go out is seeing if you can go with a trusted friend or relative.

And lastly, a really good resource for dealing with these parent relationship concerns is the Community Resource Team. It is provided by an agency called Wood’s Homes and they specialize on these types of concerns and can work with not only you but your parents as well. Find their contact info here.

If this keeps stressing you out, please chat with us here at, text us at 587-333-2724 during our peer support hours, or talk to us 24/7 through 403-264-8336. Know that we are here for you when you need it.

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