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I’m Ready to Have Sex: Now What?

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Author: Prince Diana

Sex is a big part of many young people’s lives. Whether it’s with a long-time partner or whether you’re just looking for something casual, many of us are considering or have had sex. Of course, it’s totally fine if you haven’t had sex or don’t want to have sex; having sex may not be a part of everyone’s life. However, if you do want to have sex. There are things you should think about beforehand.

First of all, make sure you know the basic information around sexual health. From contraception to STIs there are a lot of valuable things to educate yourself about.

Remember that not knowing about sexual health practices puts both you and your partner(s) in danger!

You can learn about these things from a variety of reliable sources. Organizations such as the Calgary Sexual Health Centre will not only will help you, but it also has valuable information online. Before we continue, it is important to note that you need to get your information from reliable sources, like the Calgary Sexual Health Centre or other organizations like Alberta Health Services. You can also contact 211, a free resource helpline, and they can help connect you to resources.

You should also have a decent idea of what you’d do in the case of unexpected situations.

Have a plan for if your contraception fails, or if you contract an infection. While preventing these things in the first place should always be your first thought, it’s also valuable to know what you’d do if they did happen.

Make sure you and your partner(s) are on the same page.

Know what you and your partner are comfortable with, and communicate honestly with each. Even though the conversation can get a bit awkward, trust me, it’s much better than realizing you or your partner are uncomfortable with something.

Ultimately, if you have chosen to have sex then you should definitely feel comfortable doing it. Make sure you keep these tips in mind, and make sure you learn how to have safe and consensual sex. With that knowledge in your pocket, you’ll have a much safer and more enjoyable experience!

And remember, you can always talk to us at ConnecTeen if you’re worried about something and needs some support!

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