People tell me that I act childish or immature but I can’t help it! What should I do?

This is definitely an issue I think we all face at some point in our lives so you’re not alone in this. I mean some kids act really mature at a young age and lose out on the fun of being carefree and silly. Some other people will always feel a little more young at heart even when they do get older. It’s all relative to the person and I think that you’re right in feeling uncomfortable with people telling you to change.

I know I could see that being really frustrating, you are who you are. It may feel like people don’t value what you have to offer. I’ve been there and it really sucks! Some things you can do is let those people know how you feel if you’re comfortable doing that. Maybe even just a small comment along the lines of letting them know that you don’t like it when they try to make you change who you are. That way they’ll understand what it means to you, communication can be key. Another option is reaching out to someone you trust. Not only can it help make you feel supported and accepted but you can make a plan together that’ll address the situation.

From the sounds of it, you know who you are and what you value in yourself which is incredibly important. Know that you’re not alone in this and that you can reach out to us at ConnecTeen here or to friends, family, teachers, a school counselor or whoever you feel comfortable with. You have a lot of options and ultimately it’s up to you how to approach the problem but I think that you’re totally on the right track!

ConnecTeen 🙂