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Life in high school: A brief guide

Not every experience happens happens to every person in high school. Not all of us will fall in and out of love, not all of us will attend wild parties or have our first kiss.

When entering this period in your life, it’s important to understand these 3 years of your life are miniscule to the 80, 90 or even 100 years that we live and it’s a waste of time and energy to stress over every second of it.

That said, here are some of the most common experiences that you can expect to arise in high school:

Love and Relationships:

We don’t all fall hopelessly in love in high school and stay with that person for eternity. Some of us date multiple people throughout high school, others don’t date at all. It’s important to remember that love shouldn’t be rushed. We can’t force ourselves to jump into being in love with the next person we meet.

Relationships come and go, and if one ends, it happened for a reason, no matter how much it hurts. There is more to life after a breakup; there are people to see and people to meet, for the rest of high school and beyond. Love is not confined to three years, or to the building you learn in.

Friendships and Parties:

It’s true that a whole new social circle opens up in high school. There are hundreds of other students to socialize with and befriend and new people to meet. Although you have the chance to widen your social group, a smaller group of close friends that you know you can rely on can be significantly better than a large group of friends that you aren’t very close to. Those kinds of friendships will last for years.

Parties do happen, but they’re not all like the over the top, out-of-control teenage parties you see in the movies.

Many of them are small get-togethers with close friends: bonfires, birthday parties etc. What you expect to come along with a typical house party may not be what happens so it’s important to have a safe plan for travel, preferably one that includes a buddy.


Believe it or not, in high school we learn. Although it’s romanticized to be the “best time of your life,” we still attend classes, do assignments and learn. Although it may be boring, we go to high school to receive an education and it’s important to acknowledge that.

No matter how stressful grades may get through the semester, sometimes you need to take a breather and relax. High school is not meant to be overly stressful, but like many other parts of life, it’s not supposed to be easy either. Like elementary school and junior high, high school will also pass by in a flash, and any mark you get is never the end of the world.

One mark will not shape the rest of your life.

Although it’s only for a short period of time, high school can be rewarding and influential. Many fond memories are made here, and many life lessons are learned.  It’s all a part of life, so live it!

If you are ever having a hard time dealing with school, friends or anything else, talk to us.

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