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My best friend wasn’t really my best friend

Thank you for your email and that can be a really tough time to go through. When it comes to best friends, or at least someone you call your best friend, you put a lot of trust into them. They become a person you rely on regularly and ultimately you may become very close with them. Finding out that person you did call your best friend, wasn’t really your best friend can be really hard. Sometimes people lose friendships because of something they did or sometimes people just drift apart with no reason at all. Sometimes when the friendship was broken due to a conflict, a break of trust, or a betrayal, it can cause a lot of anger or regret. It is important to recognize that you are feeling that way since those emotions can lead to hurting the person in someone or possibly further hurting yourself. It seems to be easier to let go of a friendship that seems to have just ended its course, but that is not always the case.

Regardless of the reason, it can still be really hard. When you feel the hurt of a lost friendship, it is important to make sure you take care of yourself in some form or another to be able heal and move on healthily. Practicing self-care would be a good example of this. Take the time to do something you enjoy such as watching Netflix or playing a sport. You always can reach out to your supports when things get hard to. Your supports may be other friends, family, or even the ConnecTeen line. Reaching out is never easy to do, but when you lose someone that might have been a support for you at some point, it may be beneficial to see the supports that are still around you.

If you ever need to chat feel free to chat with us online at or text us at 587-333-2724 during our peer support hours which can be found on our website. Our trained volunteers are here because they care about people and want to be able to support you.

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