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My little sister got her period before me! What’s going on?

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Hey, thanks so much for reaching out to us! Waiting to get your period is definitely a stressful thing, especially when everyone around you seems to be ahead and entering that stage of their life and it sort of feels like they’re getting ahead. But just remember, each girl is different, and just because your sister got it earlier, it doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you for not getting it yet. After all, girls can start their periods anywhere from 8-16, it’s all dependent on what’s going on inside of you. And those who get it a couple of years earlier or later are completely normal, in a few years you guys won’t even think about who got theirs when!
I completely understand that you feel upset right now though, your sister is getting those first experiences before you, and that can really suck since you’re older and you usually always have those chances before her. But in a few years, once you do get your period, you’ll probably be thankful that yours didn’t start early. Because however exciting it can seem right now, it’s that much of a hassle afterwards. Even your sister, who is rightfully elated right now, might not be so happy when she starts to get cramps or mood changes. I get that it’s hard to think along those lines right now though, when you’re waiting for something that some people call a ‘rite of passage’ for a woman. However, your body just isn’t ready for that yet, it has nothing to do with you as a person not being mature enough or not ‘grown up’ enough. Whatever’s happening is purely biological, and when your body reaches that stage, then you’ll have that experience as well!
It might feel like your mom is getting tired of you, but most likely she also remembers waiting for her period, and she might’ve even gone through the same situation as you! Any girl can remember that feeling, and I’m sure that she isn’t getting tired of you, that wait can feel excruciatingly long, and nobody can blame you if you’re starting to feel anxious waiting for it, that’s part of life, something that everyone goes through.
If you are over 16 or 17 and you haven’t gotten your period, then you might want to think about going to see your family doctor, just to be sure that everything is ok. It might be a little bit scary to think about making that appointment and it might be easier to ignore it, but you should make sure that you’re healthy and that there isn’t something else going on, because it’s very probable that you’re just a late bloomer, but on the off chance that there is something else wrong, it’s better to just make that appointment and take control of your own health.
The bottom line is that we’re all destined to have slightly different experiences, our bodies are all a little bit different, and just as nobody looks exactly like you, and nobody’s going to have the exact same body as you. And even though your sister got hers early, and maybe if your friends are all also getting theirs, it doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you. At the end of the day, everyone’s perfect the way that they are, nobody’s better or worse, we’re all unique! And periods themselves are not a lot of fun to deal with, so getting it a little bit late is probably lucky, because most women will get them until they’re 50, so you’ve got a lot of years of your period to look forward to!
If you still feel like you can’t handle what’s happening or if you think you’d like to talk to someone else about your feelings, you can always call us at 403-264-TEEN (8336) or text us at 587-333-2724. We’d love to talk to you and help you out!

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