My so-called friend group hasn’t called or talked to me once this summer.

That’s two months of being alone. School starts soon and I’m scared they won’t be my friends anymore and I’ll alone. What do I do?

Summer can be a really tough time, especially for friend groups. People get busy, lose touch, and can, at times, forget to contact their friends. Most of the time this is normal and your friends don’t mean anything by it. But it still sucks when you don’t know why they aren’t saying anything- maybe you’re not sure if it’s intentional or if they are really busy.

For those of you going through something like this, please know that you do have options. If your friends are too busy to contact you, maybe you could reach out yourself. Send them a text, instant message them or call them. Ask how their summers going and what they’re up to get a feel for their schedule and how busy they are. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you can always wait until school starts up once again and try to reconnect.

If they were distancing themselves from you for a reason, it will hurt, but at least you will know the truth and hopefully you will know that if they are the type of people to treat you that way and you are better off without them.

You might feel sad or lonely but know it’s not your fault. Sometimes friends grow apart and it just makes room for you to find better ones.

Should any of you feel alone and want to talk it out, please do not hesitate to contact ConnecTeen. We are here to listen and do our best to help you through whatever it is you’re struggling with. Our hours are from 5-10PM on weekdays and 12-10PM on weekends. If you wish to talk at a time outside of these hours, the Distress Centre is open 24/7.