I really miss my best friends and I have their phone number but ever since they reached Junior high i feel nervous talking to them because I don’t know if they changed.

“What if they decided they don’t want to be my friends anymore? I really miss them but I don’t want them to change to bad people just like some of my friends did.”

Often, transitions to a new school can cause people to change and adopt different personalities. This is due the change in environment, and the need to adapt. It is completely normal to be worried if friends who entered a new environment may have changed in ways that you might not like, and aren’t aware about. However, this does not necessarily mean that people will change completely, and drop their life from before. People do change in new situations, but true friends will love you no matter the circumstance they are in. If they are truly your friends, then they love you for you, even if they have changed. External circumstances won’t make them change their mind about you. However, if they changed and don’t wish to be your friend anymore, then it is also no longer worth being friends with them. There is no need to keep bad people in your life, even if you once had good memories with them. This may be hard, but sometimes, this is what is necessary for your own happiness.

It is important to recognize that friends are people who cherish you in their lives.

People who don’t are not good enough to maintain relationships with, because relationships are a two way street. In case you feel as if you need to talk about your situation one on one, please feel free to contact us whenever, by email, text, chat, and phone.