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Overcoming your fears

Author: Yi-Nuo

Fear can be beneficial. The emotion can keep us out of danger and we can turn fear into motivation and strength. However, more often than not fear is a barrier. If we don’t deal with our fears then it may prevent us from taking risks and seizing opportunities.

Are your fears writing the rules for you?

Often, people associate fear as part of their identity. For example, some people are afraid of spiders and others aren’t. Fear can help us set rules and limits for what we should and shouldn’t do. For example, if you have a fear of public speaking, chances are that you will reject any opportunities to speak in public. Similarly, if you are afraid of drowning, you will avoid any situations that would require you to be near a large body of water.

Irrational Fears

Staying within the limits of your fear is a safe bet, but it’s not always for the best.  Fear is useful in situations where it keeps you safe from actual danger, but not so much when it prevents you from taking opportunities or functioning normally. Many fears that people have can be classified as irrational. This means that the affects you get from fear are not immediately physical, but are mostly psychological and can cause physical effects. Have you ever wished that you could make public speeches without breaking out in a cold sweat, befriend a group of total strangers without feeling anxious, or walk across a high bridge without getting lightheaded?  The worst part about irrational fear is usually the feeling of fear itself.

Fear is useful in situations where it keeps you safe from actual danger, but not so much when it prevents you from taking opportunities or functioning normally.”

What Can We Do?

You’ve probably heard the saying, “the best way to get over your fears is to face them”. A simple concept, sure, but definitely easier said than done. However, with certain techniques and practices your mind can adjust to your fears, and you will find yourself feeling less and less anxious in situations that once terrify you. Once you do finish making that speech, or talking to that group of strangers, or walking across that bridge you’ll feel amazing. If you have the courage do the things that terrify you the most, then you’re pretty much unstoppable!

Here’s some bad news though… overcoming fear does take a lot of time and effort. Why? Because concurring means we must leave our comfort zones. If you aren’t 100% committed to trying your best everyday to face your fears, you may not experience much of a difference.

But having said that, any step in the right direction is better than nothing at all. The first thing to do to overcome your fears is to admit that you want to change.

Over time, facing your fears will get easier and easier! If you – right now – are willing to make an effort, then you are already one step closer to conquering your fears.

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