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Finding joy every day

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Author: Chaten

Happiness isn’t about always being happy. This may sound weird, but think about it. It’s not always about the big things that go right in our lives that make us happy. If it were, we would only be happy roughly 20-30 times a year. Happiness really depends on the small things that we do every day that brings a small smile to our faces. One could call these small things moments of joy. Joy is like little bits of happiness that you feel every day. It’s not something incredibly big, but it’s the little things in your life that go right each day.

A great way to think about it is to look for the things that will make you feel joy, even if it’s small. For example, that could be the hot shower you’re going to take at night, the piece of cake you can look forward to eating after school, or a best friend who you can talk to in the morning when you get to school. Just thinking about these little things can improve our mood. By reminding ourselves of the little things that we’re looking forward to, we can stay positive through the hard times.

Remember that joy isn’t about the big things, but about all of the small things that go right in your life.

Let’s say you’re having a really stressful day where nothing seems to be going right. Whenever you feel down, think about the little things that you’ll do later that same day that will make you happy. You could think about the TV show that you love watching, you could think about taking your dog for a walk, or really anything that makes you feel better.

If you’re ever feeling down, think about the things that make you happy… then smile! The simple act of smiling can be so powerful in making us feel better, and it’s something we typically do when we remember the things that make us happy and bring us joy. When we think about things that we love and things that bring us joy we feel the urge to smile, so don’t fight it – use it and smile. Smiling has the potential to make your day seem so much brighter.

If you’re ever feeling down, think about the things that make you happy… then smile!”

A simple exercise, such as smiling can be so important in order to improve our mood and help us become more optimistic. In the end, the small things genuinely do end up affecting our mood. It can help a lot to remember all the small things that make us happy in life, so that when we face adversity we can tackle it head on.

When you’re feeling down, you can also talk to us!

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