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Positive thinking, compliments and self-empowerment

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Author: Minun

Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking about ways that I can empower myself and I’ve decided to begin focusing on positive thinking. That’s right… I will focus less on negative thoughts and more on positive thoughts. But how is positive thinking self-empowerment?

Well, positive thinking has been helpful for me and has led to so much more than just positive thinking. In fact, it has led from positive thinking to positive compliments to an overall feeling of self-empowerment, therefore I wanted to share my techniques with all of you to help spread the love.

One technique of self-empowerment that I do is talking to myself and complimenting myself.

I do this out loud and with as much energy as possible. I start out by standing in front of a mirror and l stare at myself. After a minute I begin to say things like, “Oooh look at you! You are looking good today.” “Hey, you’re an awesome person, no matter what others say.” “Daaaaang son, look at you in your pajamas, you looking cute.” “Yeah! Own it!”

I would say these things confidently and energetically to myself, as if I was complimenting my best friend. After a while I would begin to feel empowered, and although it feels silly talking to myself in the mirror it makes me feel amazing. No matter what you say to yourself the key is to keep your energy high and be positive. Now I don’t have to stand in there mirror. Instead I can think to myself, “oh man I’m freaking awesome!” and I get the same feeling of energy, because I believe it. What you don’t want to do is look at yourself and degrade yourself, or look at your flaws or failings and focus on the negatives. It simply does not work and is bad for your self-esteem.

Another thing that I’ve been doing more, is trying to compliment others. I don’t just mean people you’re close with, but complimenting anyone on anything. I mainly compliment people on their outfits or a specific piece of clothing that I genuinely think makes them look awesome. You may be thinking that this will empower other people more than it will empower you, but it actually does both! Genuine compliments require you to focus on only the positives of a person, so you are more likely to let go of their negative flaws. When you’re giving a compliment to someone, it’s like there is a package of positive energy that you’re delivering to that person. When that person accepts the package it feels good, like when someone likes a present that you got for them.

This is empowering to me because it shows that I have this power to be able to give positive energy to others and make someone feel better.

Something to think about is to be accepting of the compliments that others people give you. When I give a compliment, one of the worst things to hear in response is, “You’re just saying that.” I used to do this too, and it just doesn’t really make sense now that I think about it. It’s like you’re repelling positive energy, not only does it make the other person feel bad, but it also doesn’t make you feel any better by thinking negatively. These days, when people reject my compliments, I just let it be, since it has more to do with them than it does with me. So in conclusion, be positive, share that positivity with others and with yourself through compliments and most of all feel empowered! Why? Because you’re worth it.

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