I know I should be working hard in school, and I want to do well but I’ve realized how badly I’m doing and it caused me to lose motivation.

What should I do?

Doing well in school is what a lot of people want to aim for but when you start to lose hope it can seem tough and that’s why we are here to help and a lot of students go through situations like this.

Situations like this can be hard to deal with because you may not be sure what to do. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re in an endless cycle of wanting to do well but your grades may not reflect that then not having motivation to study because you’re not doing well and it feels overwhelming because you might feel guilty about not doing well when you want to…We get it.

It really sucks because you know you want to do better but may not know how to get there.

When we lose our motivation, sometimes it’s helpful to make a plan. Having a plan and sticking to it may make it easier to break down what it is you need to get done and when. It can also be helpful to talk to your teachers because sometimes they can offer you bonus assignments to do to boost your grade. They may also have strategies or ideas to help you study and stay on track. To help you stick to your plan, you could offer yourself different incentives? Like if you complete a week’s worth of work, you get to watch an extra episode of your favourite TV show, or spend more time outside. Rewarding yourself can help keep you motivated.

Keeping all this stress to yourself can be super tough and exhausting. When we ask for help, it lightens our load and then we can spend more time focusing on what we need to do. If you feel comfortable, talking to your parents or an adult you trust may help. There are so many ways to spark motivation and ways to stay motivated so it’s nice to ask around because we’re all unique in how we keep motivated.

If you feel like you need to share your ideas or chat more about your motivation, you can always contact us and we can have a conversation and that might make you feel better 🙂