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Having to go out in public with a “happy face” on when deep inside you feel like complete and utter crap just sucks. It gets even worse when people comment on how happy you are when really you just want to cry.

First of all, that tells me you’re a really good actor so props to you. On a more serious note, bottling up emotions is insanely uncomfortable and after a while it really hurts. Going about your day as if nothing bad has happened to you recently feels horrible.

There is one part of me that wants to express how I really feel, to let it all out and just release everything.

The other part of me thinks that if I do that maybe no one will really listen, or call me names for being so emotional.

So basically two halves that want to do two different things. The thing is, emotions are normal and help regulate your mood and if you are always sad but pretending to be happy an internal conflict develops inside yourself which will make you feel even worse.

If the “happy face” is something you put on, then theoretically speaking it needs to come off sooner or later to allow your real face to be seen.

A mask is not something you can wear 24/7 and a mask itself can feel uncomfortable and restricting after a while.

As we said in our recent video, don’t hide behind a mask and don’t hide behind emojis.

For me, I remind myself that if I have real friends they will be there for me with all the ups and downs. So if you are contemplating on what to do, think about telling someone you feel close with, someone you trust, and someone who will listen.

And if you feel as if you don’t have anyone like that in your life you have us! We’re here to hear you! Whatever your problem may be, know that you will be heard. You shouldn’t have to fake happiness. You deserve to show your real face and not your “happy face”.



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