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My best friend is now avoiding me… what should I do?

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Best friends avoiding you can be an incredibly difficult and frustrating situation, especially if you’re not sure why they’re not talking to you.

It’s perfectly normal to feel sad, lonely, or angry about this, ’cause I’d feel that way too.

If your best friend isn’t talking to you, I’d suggest reaching out to them and contacting them whether it’s face to face, text, or instant message. You could ask them how they’re doing or ask them why the relationship feels like it’s changed. You also know them best and how they’d react, so keep that in mind if you did want to reach out to them.

Sometimes, our friends lose touch because they’re busy, they don’t notice that they haven’t said anything in a while, or there might be an issue going on for them that they’re focusing on. Most of the time, not talking to a best friend might be because life gets in the way- whether it’s school, or family life.

However, if your friend is purposely distancing themselves away from you, this might feel super awful and can hurt a lot. If there is an issue, trying to be open with them may help so you guys could work through it or learn the reason why they have been avoiding you.

If this is the case, know that there are other people who will treat you with respect and are worthy of your time.

Although you cannot predict what they’ll say or how they feel, you would know that you made the effort to maintain the relationship and understand why they have been avoiding you.

In this time, remember that self-care is incredibly important. Try to do the things that you enjoy such as writing about what you’re going through, taking a walk, or venting to a friend. You can also talk about how you feel and the situation to another friend or family member you trust, because they might be able to give you some valuable advice or make you feel better.

These feelings can be difficult to deal with so feel free to contact ConnecTeen anytime. We understand how stressful and frustrating you may feel and we’re here to talk about whatever issue you want to bring up. ConnecTeen’s hours are from 5pm-10pm on weekdays, and 12pm – 10pm on weekends. Feel free to contact us via chat, email, or call.


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