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Staying grounded

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Author: Isha

We all hear about “staying grounded” in our lives, but what does that really mean? In life we go through experiences that can change our lives and expose us to new ideas and perspectives. We also meet and form relationships with people and those experiences can lead to different emotional phases. Anxiety, stress, and uncertainty can cause you to lose stability in your life. For instance, a breakup or tensions at work can cause you to “lose your ground.” For many of us, the ongoing pandemic and its significant consequences have caused us to feel put off and distant from reality. In this blog I will address 3 ways that can help you stay grounded.

Gratitude keeps us grounded. When we are consumed with daily activities we often focus on the “what-ifs” and the future. However, it is important to recognize the moment you are in. You can do this by simply taking a break from whatever you are doing and reflecting upon things that you are grateful for. Many of us spend our time chasing our ambitions and we forget to recognize the parts of life we often take for granted.

The second way to stay grounded it to connect with important long-term friends and family. The people who have been present in your life for a long period of time are the people who have a strong understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and habits. Moreover, they have seen you evolve throughout the different phases of your life. Therefore, they are like pillars that can help you feel stable and present in the moment.

Let go of technology for a while. As we move into an increasingly digitalized age, it is important to disconnect from social media and the world in our phones. Constantly refreshing your feed or waiting for a text message is not an ideal way to go about life. For the younger generations, social media has become a measure of self-worth, as it causes people to compare themselves to others. Overusing it can take you away from your own reality, so disconnecting for a day or even a couple of hours will let you focus on yourself.

J.R. Rim had said:

Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.”

So, staying grounded is an essential part of your mental health, and it relates to the happiness and success you find in life!

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