Try our Virtual Escape Room!

img text: Virtual Escape Room! img des: person sitting cross-legged at a laptop, with their first in the air, raised in victory

We are very excited to announce the launch of our Virtual Escape Room! Learn about ConnecTeen in a fun, interactive way.

Room #1 – Youth in Crisis:

You’re sitting at your desk. The History Teacher is talking about the paper that is due in a week. You haven’t started writing it. You think about the fact that you still have a Biology lab, Math quiz and Chemistry exam in the same week. The room begins to feel like it’s slanting, your palms are sweating, you feel your heart beating faster and your hands begin to shake – how will you escape and find help?

Room #2 – Supporting a Youth in Crisis:

When someone is going through a crisis it can be very obvious. Other times, it can be discrete – how can you find ways to support people around you?

If you are up for a fun challenge, while learning about some cool resources available to you, enter a room now!

Room #3 – Behind the Scenes at ConnecTeen

You’ve always wanted to volunteer with ConnecTeen. Now that you’re 15 you can apply! Can you get through the application and recruitment process to help youth in crisis as a ConnecTeen volunteer?

Play Now

Thank you UW Blueprint, for making the Virtual Escape Room possible!

UW Blueprint is an NPO that consists of a group of students at the University of Waterloo dedicated to building and promoting technology for social good. Blueprint partners with other non-profit organizations to provide technological solutions free of charge.