Why do I feel the need to self-harm? I’ve tried to stop, but am unable to. I also don’t feel as happy as I used to.

Thanks for reaching out!

It’s difficult to answer why exactly a person may choose to self-harm because we don’t know what that person is going through and what kind of struggles they’re dealing with, and because the reasons for self-harm can be so personal, there’s definitely no straightforward answer to this question.  

There may be multiple reasons as to why someone may self-harm, however, often times, self-harm is used as a coping mechanism in order to deal with struggles in life and their associated psychological pain. Because self-harm can be a dangerous coping mechanism, we  want to encourage people to open up and talk about their emotions as a way to deal with their pain. We understand that sometimes it may be hard to talk about certain situations and struggles you’re going through, and that it may feel comforting to resort back to previous means of coping, even if they’re not entirely safe.   

Talking to someone about things that are going –  mentally or physically – can be really beneficial to help relieve some of the burdens you carry. Connecteen is always here for that, and we would love to talk with you. Whether it be about what you’re going through, or even discussing some safe coping methods to try out, we’re here for you.  Additionally, professionals in your community and your friends and family can become good resources for you to help navigate self-harming and how to maintain a good mental health and mindset every day.

Connecteen is always here to talk with you and provide support! If you feel like self harming, or want to talk more about self-harm, we would love to chat! We are always here, so you don’t need to go through anything alone.